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The Outer Sphere

Posted on Oct 24, 2012 by in PhotoshopFX, Portfolio, Print | 0 comments

The Outer Sphere | Photoshop Manipulated Fractal

Create a design that would satiate my desire to create something both unique and beautiful.

Created a beautiful full print resolution fractal in Fractal Domains, saved it as a .png and brought it into photoshop for further digital enhancements and manipulation.  Final Highest Full Resolution printing size: 1.56gb @ 14464px by 15181px @ 300dpi. (approx. 4ft by 4ft)


Concept Creation

Fractal Creation

Photoshop – Digital Image Manipulation

Hi-Resolution Formatting for Print




Adobe Photoshop CS6

The Outer Sphere - Photoshop Manipulated Fractal

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