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Starry Night – A WordPress Theme

Posted on Nov 11, 2012 by in Portfolio, web design | 0 comments

Starry Night | A WordPress Theme | Preview the Live Website here

Client requested a personal blog design that captured his philosophical side.  He wanted a design that made him feel at “home”, and to him being “home” meant “thinking”, and somewhere he could “rest” out in space or in the corner of his mind.  He wanted a blog he could speak about his existentialist views and the complexities and mysteries of love and life and our whole universal existence.

I believe this design captured all of the necessary requests of the client.  I believe I have successfully created for him a compelling yet cozy place to call his own, in his own little corner of the internet.  A place he can feel safe, as his thoughts and words form as he star gazes and traverses the limitless corners and recesses of his mind.

In this theme we get the feeling of looking out into a clear blue midnight sky.  We get the feeling something amazing is happening as our eyes glance into the awesomeness and vastness of the sky.  The luminance of each star in the bright starry night sky, brings us back to times when we can be most at ease and can truly be ourselves.  When we can look into the night sky, almost as through the eyes of children, in awe of every twinkle.  Times when we can come to our most greatest conclusions or enlightenments about ourselves and our world around us.  This midnight blue is meant to ease, while the awesome brilliant sparkle is meant to awaken the mind, to new and illuminating heights. The faint hue of background light brings us back to our earliest days, as we are reminded of, when we were children, the movement our flashlights made roaming our makeshift “forts” or “tents” at night, our imaginations soaring.  The Code font is used in headings and titles, and is reminiscent of what it would look like if we were to form shapes or letters from the stars in the sky, like the lines found in “connecting the dots”, the dots are the stars in the sky and the letters are formed from connecting them.

Elegantly done, this theme merges that new spark found in an idea with the sophistication necessary of one who is capable of and chooses to be philosophical. This theme brings a freshness and new way of viewing our universe each time you visit it.  The great contrast of color in the sea of colors in the home-page slideshow only add to this themes class, sophistication, and beauty.


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