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Mojot Svet – “My World”

Posted on Mar 16, 2013 by in PhotoshopFX, Portfolio, Print | 0 comments

“Mojot Svet”, or, “My World” | PhotoshopFX project.

Wanted to express “My World”.

My world is all about design. I eat, breathe, and sleep design, literally I go to bed thinking about the next best design I can create. And a lot of times I even dream of designs in my sleep! I love beautiful things and I love to create beautiful things. I found an awesome picture of a brick statue of a head and thought it would be a great foundation to use to begin to create the finished picture you see below. I thought it would be perfect to express “My World”. I named it “Mojot Svet” after a song titled “Mojot Svet” by Karolina. Shortly after creating this piece, I found this song. Her video, overlaid with the brick like lines in the background and the workds in this song, inspired me and reminded me of this piece and so it got it’s name. It was perfect. “Mojot Svet”, “My World”.



Blending Styles

Pattern Use

Digital Image Manipulation

Gradient Creation

Background Removal


Adobe Photoshop CS5.1

Mojot Svet, or, My World

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