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My Heart Beats for NY

Posted on Oct 24, 2012 by in Portfolio, Print | 0 comments

My Heart Beats For NY | View the On-going live Project here

Create a design that can be used on multiple Print-on-Demand Products.

In this design, I wanted to capture the essence of NY, the big city, the tempo of it, and our connection to it through all of the heartfelt emotion towards the people surrounding the events of what happened on September 11th.

The big red heart stands for itself, as it speaks loudly, “My heart” is what beats for NY. The red lines on either side appear as symbology. On the one hand, one may think of or be reminded of a draw bridge going into or through to the heart of the city. But these simple lines double in their intensity as their symbology changes. One naturally begins to think of and reminisce about the people and events surrounding 9/11. Their hearts begin to pound and their pulses gets louder. This symbology then turns into the pulse of a loudly beating heart, and this design then, forms, with the conglomeration of memories and the intensity of the viewers own heart, the very pulse and heart rate of NY. This piece is meant to stir emotion, and to make a stand. It is meant to remind ourselves of a time when we stood together, as one. It is meant to serve as a memorial to all those that have been lost, and to stir in our hearts and minds a dance of all the memories, both good and bad, we once have all shared together. For myself, I know that every time I look at this design, everything else fades to the background for a moment, my heart begins to pound as my mind comes alive with memories past, and all I can feel for the moment, is my own heartbeat, beating strongly and loudly …with all, and for all… of NY.


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My Heart Beats for NYMy Heart Beats for NY - Decorative Plates

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